Do you have a dog that frustrates you?

Are you embarrassed by your dog's behavior when out in public or when you have guests over for a visit?

Is your dog jumping, barking and/or pulling on the leash when people or other dogs are walking by? 
If so, don't worry you are not alone and we're here to help!

Imagine having a dog that doesn't bark or jump on your guests, that is a pleasure to take on walks.

A dog that listens to YOU all the time!

Imagine getting compliments from those around you for how well behaved and calm your dog is!

With our specially designed programs; programs designed to YOUR specific needs, we can guarantee you will have the dog of your dreams and a dog you can be PROUD of!

With balanced training methods, we won't stop until we have found the best way to get the optimal results for you and your dog.

K9 Diversity Dog Training