The best of both worlds - structured play times & human interactions as well as helping maintain your dog's training by reinforcing threshold manners, loose leash walking, place training & good social skills and manners.

During your dog's stay they will get several hours of play time (be that with dogs or just 1 on 1 with a human) throughout the day.

A great option for dogs that don't do well with other dogs or in a in busy dog boarding facility. Or maybe you don't want to leave your dog cooped up in a kennel at the vets all day.


  • $40 per night ($20 additional dog)

  • $250 per week

Optional add-ons

  • Additional training (price varies)

  • A bath before pick up ($20) - bath and blow dry

  • Nail Trim ($10) - clip & dremel

Things to bring

  • Food with feeding instructions

  • Dog's kennel (all dogs must be kennel trained)

  • Bones to chew on (no rawhides)

  • Training collar (if you have one)

  • Proof of vaccination records (digital copy is fine)

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