The Furry Team Members

Of course what we do would not be possible without these furry beings. They keep us honest, on our toes and bring so much life and love into our lives. 

Because they are so important to not just us, but everything we do here at K9 Diversity Dog Training, we thought they deserved a little extra spot lot too!

Team Jess



Saige loves to work and loves to train. Always looking for something to do and never passes up a working moment! She gives her all in everything she does. She is also what we call a "habitual whiner"! She has come along way in learning proper dog manners but is still rough around the edges. Frisbee play is LIFE and she will choose to chase a Frisbee over any other toy offered! Saige is currently training in Narcotics Detection, Dock Dogs, Disc Dogs & Personal Protection.



Daisy was a major foster fail. She came full of fears and anxieties; she overcomes more every day! Daisy is intense, has high drive, and LOVES fetch & tug. Food is life and trumps pretty much ANYTHING. She loves to learn, loves to snuggle and being near her humans is a must. Daisy is currently training in AKC Scent-work,  Dock Dogs, Disc Dogs & Personal Protection.



Baeric is easily described as a goofy bull in a china cabinet. He is fearless, reckless and always committed. He gives his all to everything he tries, loves to learn and chuck it is 100% life. He loves people, gets along with dogs and even though he is insane, he can be the most chill boy ever. Baeric is currently training in Narcotics Detection, Dock Dogs & Personal Protection.



She will most definitely cuddle you until you can't cuddle no more. She has no idea that her 68lb self is NOT indeed a lap dog!

She had quite the destructive childhood; destroying everything in site. She is extremely smart and loves to learn new things. Car rides are her favorite (especially if you mention "grandma") and she will do just about anything for some food. 



The derpiest boy around. He loves to snuggle (even though he doesn't like to sit still). Bring out a toy (especially ones that squeak) and he'll do ANYTHING for you! Bronson also has absolutely NO concept for personal space (yours or his own) and often forgets he's 80lbs! Bronson is currently training in Disc Dogs & AKC Scent-work.



Jordan has truly blossomed. She was once very antisocial and didn't care for attention or strangers. We've worked hard and built her confidence up, now she will go to most people for some love. Don't let the fact that she is 13 fool you - she is our calm, collected puppy player! Full of energy and life.

Team Angela



Zlatuse AKA "Tuse" bonded with Rage and Angela almost instantly. She has come out of her shell, loves to cuddle and has some intense ball drive. Tuse absolutely adores her mom and loves to spend their evenings together snuggling on the couch.



Angela's go to dog and her right hand girl. It's very rare to see Angela without Rage by her side. Rage is sweet, calm and very neutral - unless you bring out a ball - then most manners go out the window!